Around the guest house there is a spacious grassy area where you can sunbathe in summer, relax or go for a romp with the children and a ball. In winter you could build a snowman.

To liven up your summer holiday a fine terrace is available at Minerva, where you can sit outside, have a barbeque or cook goulash in a pot after rambling all day long.
In summer this is where we arrange evening gatherings, which we call “herbal barbecues”, for those staying at both guest houses.

The summer terrace is embellished by our little herb garden to spice up your menu. On the ground floor there is a cosy room where breakfast is served.

During the winter season we can loan you sledges and bobsleighs, so your children can have a romp at the guest house itself.

Breakfast service: information at Eat & Drink